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Rubyscoop offers complete range of Health care solutions both cloud based and In-premise

Best Telemedicine Provider

We Ensure the Best Patient Care System

Simply Collaborative Health Management System

Improve patient satisfaction.

Mediz gives healthcare organizations the flexibility to deliver high-quality care to their patients anytime, anywhere. By using Mediz you can increase the Patient Satisfaction Level, Patient Retention & Revenue.

Increase revenue.

Organization will benefit with Mediz Platform for their Revenue. Billing System is integrated with Stock Management for Clinic for Multiple Locations. You can rely on Mediz for the no of Patients that are taking Video and Call Consultation. Video Consultation & Calls are recorded, the same can be audited with the Invoices that are generated in the System.

Treat more patients.

Only 27% of your staff’s day-to-day work is dedicated to patient care. Between scheduling, intake, billing, collections and everything else they’re tasked with, it’s no wonder. Ultimately the result is, less face time with patients, increased wait times to get an appointment and a subpar patient experience. Mediz workflows allow your organization to save office staff and providers 30-45 minutes per encounter by allowing patient self- scheduling, managing patient intake and eliminating collections.

From smaller clinics to the largest hospitals in the Asia, Mediz is enabling organizations to meet their goals.